20. - 24. October 2015

Prague | Czech Republic


FS4, FS4 Female, VFS4, Freestyle, D2W, D4W


WISC2015 is historically first FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships.

It is happening this October in Prague, Czech Republic. Disciplines will be 4-way-FS, 4-way-VFS, Dynamic 4-way, Dynamic 2-way, and Solo Freestyle.

Friday Live Stream Record

Saturday Live Stream Record

Closing Ceremony Live Stream Record

Registered teams:

4-Way-FS open

Name Country
HayaBusa Belgium
Hurricane Factory Bad Boys Czech Republic
VAF Warriors Denmark
Lupus EST Estonia
Team Tigers Finland
FLY-IN France France
Aladeen Hungary
Magic4 Lithuania
Murphy Mania Netherlands
Black Cat Russian Federation
Sky Dragons Slovenia
Jazz Republic South Africa
Gryttjom Volo Sweden
Asaar Dubai Black United Arab Emirates
Voodoo United Kingdom

4-Way-FS female

Name Country
Les Stunts Belgium
Hurricane Factory Chicks Czech Republic
Team Pumas Finland
FLY-IN France France
Solarflakes Lithuania
Vešče Slovenia
Fly Like A Girl United Kingdom
Golden Knights Female 4-way United States of America

DEMO 4-Way-FS junior

Name Country
Hurricane Factory Cubs Czech Republic
Hurricane Factory Flies Czech Republic

4-Way-VFS open

Name Country
Element VFS Belgium
Hurricane Factory VFS Team Czech Republic
VossVind Blue Pelican Norway
FlyDefinition Poland
Flystation VFS Russia Russian Federation
Vertigo VFS Switzerland
AMUDY United Arab Emirates
Omni United Kingdom

Dynamic 4-Way open

Name Country
Hurricane Factory 4way Czech Republic
Mad Ravens Czech Republic
Sirius Fly Finland
Windoor Warriors France
Zion VossVind Norway
Dynamicstation Russian Federation
inflightdubai skynamic United Arab Emirates

Dynamic 2-Way open

Name Country
Flyspot Low pressure Australia
Hurricane Factory Ginger & Fred Czech Republic
Hurricane Factory Yan & Chen Czech Republic
H&M Finland
Aerokart Paris France
Aaladyn Hungary
ISR Freefly Netherlands
VossVind D2W Norway
Airbenders Poland
Flybeat Poland
LEDstation Russian Federation
Windoor Empuriabrava Spain
Team SUI 1 Switzerland
Team SUI 2 Switzerland
Floh Well United Kingdom
Antigravity XP United States of America

Solo Freestyle open

Name Country
Hurricane Factory Freestyle Jitka Czech Republic
Hurricane Factory Čestmír Czech Republic
Inka Tiitto Finland
FlyWarrior France
Lucky Strike Hungary
David Reader Norway
Flystation Neofreestyle Russian Federation
Tunnelpeople Russian Federation
RealFly Olivier Longchamp Switzerland
Reese Willson United States of America
Team USA United States of America

Solo Freestyle junior

Name Country
Spacedevils Hungary
Maja Kuczynska Poland
Soltyk Andrzej Poland
American Rockers United States of America

Accommodation Offer

Get discounted rate in Hotel Duo**** at Hotel & venue (from 55 € / room for 2 / night). It is just 10 minutes by bus from the tunnel. The ceremonies will be held there as well.

Training Tunnel Time

To book your training, contact Eva at There are last slots available in the competition week.

So far registered

There are already 200 people from 24 nations registered for WISC2015!

Bulletin no. 2

Read the official Bulletin no. 2 at the Schedules, Rules & Documents.

Who can compete?

Only flyers officially sent by their nations can compete and represent their countries in the World Championships.

If you need any details about it, contact
E-mail: | Phone: +420 728 250 972